Cultivar with Post Coffee Shop in NKC


Company & Co. (formerly Cultivar/Colony) is NKC’s central gathering space. It’s a cocktail bar, kitchen and coffee shop featuring the RINO bar and kitchen, Sweet EMOtion oat milk icecream, and the Post Coffee Shop in NKC. Next door, it’s also a music venue: The RINO, which features local bands and touring indie rock artists.

Company & Co’s vendors work with local and regional roasters, and are committed to offering vegan alternatives where available.

As a family owned and operated establishment we pride ourselves on emphasizing local culture and supporting other small businesses.

coffee shop in NKC

Address: 312 Armour Rd North Kansas City, MO 64116

TUESDAY – THURSDAY: 7AM-5PM (Post Coffee);
                                             5PM-10PM (RINO Bar)
FRIDAY – SATURDAY: 7AM-5PM (Post Coffee);
                                         5PM-11PM (RINO Bar)


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