Repeal 18th featuring Old Shawnee Pizza

Repeal 18th Featuring Old Shawnee Pizza

Repeal 18th:

Our eclectic Cocktail Menu takes advantage of our over 400 bourbons and whiskeys at the Repeal bar. From dry to sweet, we have something for everyone, so pull up a stool and get some cocktail education!

Repeal 18th Featuring Old Shawnee Pizza has a staff of bar managers with something to help expand your tastes, rediscover an old fashioned favorite with a twist, and entertain you with its presentation.

Old Shawnee Pizza:

Old Shawnee Pizza has expanded North! In partnership with Repeal 18th Bar, our pizzas likewise will put an entertaining spin on a traditional pie. The BBQ, The Mac Daddy, and our (soon to be famous) Crab Rangoon pizzas are the stars of the show, backed up by more traditional pizza fare, hot pastrami sandwiches, spaghetti, lasagna and other hot Italian dishes.

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