Gloria helps a student utilize tools to perform pour painting on canvas in her art studio
The Art Studio of Gloria Heifner


The goal for Gloria’s art studio is to create and show her artwork. 

Her hope is that the creative spirit of the studio will inspire you to become more creative in your own life  in your own way.

The studio offers group classes  for both kids and adults in a variety of methods and mediums. The studio is also offering a space for artists to gather with other artists to share ideas, methods,  frustrations, and inspiration.

Gloria’s painting process:

A painting begins very intuitively, with me knowing very little about the final outcome. Using fluid acrylics which are poured, dripped, thrown, and spread onto the canvas, the colors are allowed to blend and begin to form a composition. This composition is developed further by tipping and rotating the canvas to enable additional paint movement and blending. I use a variety of unconventional tools (hairdryers, kitchen utensils, combs, squeegees, and whatever I can find) to bring energy and balance to the finished piece.

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Address: 1313 Atlantic, North Kansas City, MO 64116

Call ahead for class and open studio time: 816-803-4793


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