Large hand-cut steak, chicken and veggie cheesesteaks are the main headliner at KC Cheesesteak Co. at 315 Armour Road (the sandwich artists formerly known as “Jersey Boyz Subs”)– each one made-to-order and mixed up with grilled mushrooms, onions, cheese and peppers (hot cherry peppers by request) and served four ways: on a classic roll, over a rice bowl, smothered fries… you can even have it in a salad! Throw in cheeze whiz or cream cheese for East Coast authenticity and enjoy with chips or a home-made cookie! 

KC Cheesesteak also sports old favorites like their hot pastrami, reuben sandwich, and soup with a toasted roll.

Don’t forget their in-house pepperoncini sauce for a little extra kick. Bada bing!

Address: 315 Armour Rd North Kansas City, MO 64116


Monday 10AM–8PM
Tuesday 10AM–8PM
Wednesday 10AM–8PM
Thursday 10AM–8PM
Friday 10AM–8PM
Saturday 11AM–4PM|
Sunday Closed


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