RoKC is a locally established, world class, community focused climbing gym just North of the river in North Kansas City.

RoKC’s mission is to bring a state of the art climbing facility to the Kansas City community, and provide a fun, adventurous environment, capable of teaching and challenging individuals of all ages and abilities.

For many years Kansas City has lacked a sufficient climbing gym.  RoKC’s focus is to give local climbers the world-class product they deserve while creating an environment that helps develop new climbers.

Address: 1501 Howell St, North Kansas City, MO 64116

Sunday: 10AM–8PM
Monday: 6AM–10PM
Tuesday: 6AM–10PM
Wednesday: 6AM–10PM
Thursday: 6AM–10PM
Friday: 6AM–10PM
Saturday: 8AM–10PM


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