New plans for Colony KC & The RINO

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Guest blog by Andy Johannes, Northlandia News

cultivar coming to RINO

Colony Cultivar RINO

The prospect of a concert venue in the age of a pandemic might bring nostalgia to some and downright horror to others. However, a staple community gathering place in Northland KC is bringing some fresh ideas to answer those problems and offer some moral support in these trying times. The RINO is a well-known concert venue that has consistently offered a space for local artists and musicians to showcase their skills and create the culture that makes North KC what it is today. However, just as The RINO has helped the people of the Northland, now it is time for the people to help them.

It is no shock to anyone that this pandemic has had an immense impact on the small businesses and communities of Kansas City. Much of what makes the Northland so special is currently in danger. Initiatives to order delivery from favorite restaurants and shopping local have stemmed the bleeding, but there is still much to do for these places to survive.

CULTIVAR makes its debut…

The RINO is undergoing a change and will be entering into a new online presence. The former Colony next door (once home to local staples like Beerded Man’s Kitchen and 3 Halves brewer Rodney Beagle) has been remodeled and reimagined into CULTIVAR.

Under CULTIVAR, other Northland vendors will be joining The RINO in business (and in solidarity), in order to weather the storm of COVID-19 and bring business roaring back after the tempest has passed.

The RINO has been a gathering place for open mics, concerts, and comedy shows. It has also been there for the people of the Northland as a venue for weddings, graduations, and celebrations. Now it’s bringing their own take on food and drink to their venue to help bring the community closer together.

Saturday, October 10, The RINO is having a telethon in order to raise money for this new endeavor. A live-stream of the event will play throughout and will feature live music, comedy, how-to videos, and more!


If you missed donating during the telethon; or if you want to become an ongoing donor, you can check them out on venmo and Patreon (link going up tomorrow). As a Patreon subscriber, you have exclusive access to every show that The RINO has as well as special discounts on food and cocktails.

More details that will be given out during the telethon deal with the future of The RINO and more of what CULTIVAR has in store for us here in the Northland. Vendors and businesses like Cheesy Street, Post Coffee, Alex Garnett Recording Studio, and Ben McBee Photography will be taking up residence nextdoor. All of these amazing businesses under one roof is sure to keep Northland business and culture strong and secure.

Throughout this turmoil, stress, and fear arising in the face of this adversity, it can be hard to keep hope that things might one day return to normal. That the community that we have worked so hard to build here will survive. But it will return to normal, and The RINO believes that with your help that community will survive. And they will be there with open arms, good food, and amazing music to celebrate with all of us when that time comes.

Colony Cultivar RINO