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Iron District (1599 Iron Street) will soon be home to a dozen businesses once the shopping, food, and drink destination opens in a few weeks. 

“Iron District is a fun mix of eateries, retail shops, tiki bar, rentable co-working space for meetings, and a maker space that will feature reiki, yoga, massage, and pop up vendors,” says co-founder Rachel Kennedy. “It’s a fun space to meet friends or make new ones!”

Kennedy developed the idea for about a year before she “pitched it to NKC in 2017.” Since then, she’s worked with local leaders and an array of vendors. The businesses will be housed in a retail park built from adapted shipping containers. 

Artist works on a mural painted on the side of Iron District shipping containers
A local artist works on a mural painted on the side of an Iron District container building.

The debut roster of businesses includes eateries such as Plantain District serving food with Cuban roots and world flavors, Morning Day Cafe’s coffee, breakfast, and brunch offerings, and Urban Cafe’s New American health-conscious foods.

  • Cuban Sandwich with fried plantains from Plantain District at the Iron District.
  • Patrons eating outside the Plantain District foodtruck in North Kansas City
  • Sandwiches from Urban Cafe
  • Bacon Breakfast Sandwich and Coffee from Morning Day Cafe at Iron District

Kind Food will serve plant-based vegan items while B-Rads prepares smoked meats, burgers, and global fare. Avobite will serve up avocado-based dishes as the Midwest’s first avocado bar. Safe Bakes operates as an allergen-free bakery.’

  • Fiesta Toast from avocado-centric Avobite.
  • Chef Brad carves up pork for B-Rad's barbecue, smoked and braised meat-heavy menu.
  • Spicy "chorizo" nachos from plant-based vegan menu at Kind Food KC.
  • Donuts from Safe Bakes-- a bakery that makes their goods "Big 8 allergen" free!

“Ice Cream Bae is developing a spin off just for Iron District,” Kennedy says. “Tiki Huna is a tiki bar featuring cocktails and mocktails.” 

  • Heart of the Storm Rum Cocktail from Tiki Huna.
  • Colorful ice cream offerings from Ice Cream Bae.
  • Colorful ice cream offerings from Ice Cream Bae.

Retailers include handmade candles, artisan-made goods, and jewelry from Boheme, 3&Me Boutique carrying ladies’ boutique clothing and accessories, and Wasteland Society’s selection of T-shirts and apparel. Reiki, yoga, massage, and other pop-up vendors will offer services. Iron District will also house a co-working space with a rentable meeting room.

Iron District will operate Monday-Friday, 7am to 2pm for food vendors. “Morning Day will be our breakfast vendor. The rest of the food vendors will open for lunch,” Kennedy says. “We will also have Friday/Saturday happy hours, plus a Saturday brunch/open market that begins at 9am. Vendors will have varying hours. Most of us will be open during our operating hours so we will provide vendor links to verify hours.”

North Kansas City continues to welcome progressive small businesses and concepts, such as iWerx and Iron District, that attract entrepreneurs, local consumers, and tourists. 

At Iron District, local vendors may “get into their own space and help offset the typical launch risk of a start up,” Kennedy says. “It’s a fun place to enjoy amazing food, shop local items, and connect with the community. We are also excited about working on sustainability like composting and utilizing local, in-season food products. We’re excited to see everyone down at Iron District!

Iron District, 1599 Iron Street, North Kansas City

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