Shocktober kicks off 31 days of Screenland horror, indoor and out

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Shocktober returns to the big screens at Screenland Armour theatre, where you can watch outdoor double features in the backlot, see some classic and cult horror fare indoors (as well as Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster “Tenet”) or enjoy a Crane Brewing Co Shocktober blueberry sour on a gorgeous Midwestern Fall evening on the front patio (weekends only) while rustling leaves blow past just like Haddonfield, Illinois.

Here’s the full lineup horror hounds– go to Screenland.com/armour to buy your tix!

-10/2: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Outdoors
-10/2 & 10/4: Prince of Darkness 4K restoration (indoors)
-10/3: House of Frankenstein & Monster Squad Outdoors
-10/3 – 10/4: Thir13en Ghosts (indoors)
-10/4: Carnival of Souls (indoors)
-10/5: Monster Squad (indoors)
-10/6: Cat People (’42) (indoors)
-10/7: Demons (1985) (indoors)
-10/8: The Devil’s Backbone (indoors)
-10/9: Saun of the Dead Outdoors
-10/9: Exorcist III (indoors)
-10/10: Creature from the Black Lagoon & The Fog Outdoors
-10/11: House on Haunted Hill (indoors)
-10/13: Midsommar (Director’s Cut) (indoors)
-10/15: Tales from the Hood (indoors)
-10/16: Nightmare Before Christmas & Hocus Pocus Outdoors
-10/16: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4K (indoors)
-10/17: The Wolfman & American Werewolf in London Outdoors
-10/18: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (indoors)
-10/20: From Dusk til Dawn (indoors)
-10/21: The Blob (’88) (indoors)
-10/22: Don’t Look Now 4K (indoors)
-10/23: The Sixth Sense Outdoors
-10/23: Practical Magic (indoors)
-10/23: Candyman (indoors)
-10/23: Pet Sematary 2 (indoors)
-10/24: Old Dark House & Drag Me to Hell Outdoors
-10/24: Interview with the Vampire (indoors)
-10/25: The Haunting (’63) (indoors)
-10/28: Pumpkinhead (indoors)
-10/29: The Exorcist (Director’s Cut) (indoors)
-10/30: Panic Fest Presents: Tricks and Treats // Frankenstein & The Thing Outdoors
-10/30: Halloween ’78 (indoors)
-10/30: Rocky Horror Picture Show (indoors)
-10/31: Halloween ’78 & Halloween ’18 Outdoors
-10/31: Halloween ’18 (indoors)

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